QuarkBoost E Bike tuning box for BOSCH Basic



Speed range from 10 to 45 km/h.

Quark Boost E Bike tuning box is a gadget that makes the original 25 km/h speed limiter dynamic. You can choose up to witch speed your motor gives you the support. It manipulates with data collected from the sensors of your bike, so you can choose up to which speed ebike motor is giving you support.
If you are familiar with basic bike tools and you have some basic skills, it’s not hard to install the QuarkBoost. And when in use and outdated connect QuarkBoost to your computer. You can download software update from our webpage. Run it and follow the software download instructions on our page.

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Child Friendly

Quark Boost E Bike tuning box has a special child friendly feature. Set up your E Bike limit to a speed your child is able to drive (10-25 km/h).

Improved Range Calculation

Precise algorithm which calculates the range made with the rest of the battery.

Downhill Detector

QuarkBoost E Bike tuning box detects downhill riding and takes it into account when calculating the range. End data is more accurate.

Flexible speed adjustment

Adjust your speed limit from 10 to 45 km/h while riding your E Bike.


Information about speed and battery life is more accurate and reliable thanks to our expert developers who reprogramed accuracy.

Software Update

Update your software at home via personal computer and stay up to date with new features and improvements.