It makes the original 25 km/h speed limiter dynamic. You can choose up to witch speed your motor gives you the support.

It manipulates with data collected from the sensors of your bike, so you can choose up to which speed ebike motor is giving you support.

Yes, if you are familiar with basic bike tools and you have some basic skills, it’s not hard to install the QuarkBoost.

Sure, you can install or remove it easily. It’s matter of few minutes.

Delivery in EU is usually shorter than 1 week.

Depends on your gear ratio and you ability to pedal.

Depends of model you choose. We have two models. Basic model is supporting you up to 45 km/h and race model is supporting you up to 100 km/h.

You should connect QuarkBoost to your computer. You can download software update from our webpage. Run it and follow the instructions. Update is possible only on Windows OS.

Any Question ?

If you have any questions let us know and we will contact you asap.

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