It is FORBIDDEN by law to use QuarkBoost in public places! It is intended for use on private land only! Optimized bicycle is not a trivial offence and can have serious legal consequences. Riding above the local law limit may reclassify the bike as a low-powered bike, requiring insurance, registration and a number plate. Be aware of your local country laws. Many laws prohibit use of modified bicycles. It is your responsibility to check local laws. Ignoring it, has potential implications to trail access, and risk of prosecution in the event of an accident. Many manufacturers do not allow use of optimization device and may decline a repair your bike under warranty. The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where QuarkBoost is set up. The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects. Use it at your own risk! We do not assume any responsibility of using our devices.

Keep in mind that device is not waterproof!

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