Quarkboost E Bike tuning box

Story about two friends who love (fast) bike riding

It was the year 2017 when one of us bought his first e-bike. In the beginning, riding was fun and exciting, but something was missing…. Later that year we discovered E Bike tuning products that were offering boosts to make the ride faster. But all products on the market didn’t have all in one, dynamic E Bike tuning box which would be up to date, child-friendly, reliable, with improved range calculations and so on… There was only one option at that time – Let’s make our own product!

At the end of 2018, we developed our own program with a chip which is now called Quarkboost E-Bike tuning box. We put all advantages of other products on the market in our product and add stuff that we found it important for electric bike users. But the journey has just begun. We are doing our best to present you E Bike tuning box for Yamaha and Giant Bikes in 2020.

Stay tuned, drive fast and most importantly drive SAFE!

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